Every business needs a sign to communicate with their clients and potential clients. Studies have shown that a well-conceived and executed sign program is the best advertising investment you can make for your business. Over the life of your signs, you’ll see more increase in business than with any other type of advertisement.

Your signage needs are our first priority. Everything we create for you is customized, made uniquely for your business. We start you off with an initial onsite consultation with one of our sales professionals. We help you develop a visual outdoor marketing strategy, matched to your business, one that reflects your style and your vision. Our design team brings those concepts to life. We make sure the engineering is sound, the proper materials, lighting, codes, and architectural bases are covered, the sign permit secured, and then it’s onto customized construction and installation of your sign.

As a leader in the custom sign business, we are able to handle all steps in the sign creation process with superior ingenuity and impeccable attention to detail.


Custom Sign Service provides high quality, creative design solutions for all of your signage needs. Our in-house design team is one of our greatest assets; they can bring any sign to life and even re-imagine your current branding standards to elevate your brand. We can design you drawings that you can be confident will perform well across all applications; from a web image to a full size electric sign!


Increase your businesses cost per thousand impressions (CPM). LED sign advertising has a far lower CPM than radio, newspaper or television. We offer standard and custom LED configurations for indoor and outdoor solutions.

Depending on your needs, industry, target market we can help revolutionize how you conduct business.


Time is valuable and the permitting process can be a very long and arduous one if you’re not well versed in permit codes. We have an in-house permit team dedicated to submitting and pursuing sign approvals for all our clients. We permit across the entire state of Nevada.


Our signs are fabricated in house so we are able to maintain higher production standards than our competitors. We also have the flexibility to create signs in any style, shape or size our designers can imagine. This means our customers receive more creative and unique sign designs than most firms can produce.

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